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September 20, 2022 · Cologne, Germany

My Story!

Hello there, I am Qassem Alhomayyer. Last year, I had the chance to get to know e-VELP, where I started the volunteer educator training. I was already at that time a trainer, but I have never created my own workshop. Whilst doing my training I’ve learned a lot about group dynamics, non-formal education and more. At the end of the training, I finished making my own concept for my first workshop.My workshop addresses men with migration backgrounds in Germany and adresses topics like Masculinity, discrimination and racism. I had the opportunity to offer my workshop within my work as a trainer.In the workshop were men with migration background. In the beginning we got to know each other. Then we talked about masculinity, about which images are spread in society about the "real man" and where such images come from.After that, we discussed about the different roles that people have in different situations and what expectations are attached to the specific roles.In the last step, we exchanged ideas about the topic of racism. Many participants shared their personal stories and experiences.I was very happy that there was a very comfortable atmosphere in the workshop. I was also very touched by the fact that the participants empowered each other when they shared their experiences with racism.That was my experience with implementing my own workshop. I currently feel empowered to offer even more workshops, exchange with people and share my knowledge with others.

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February 19, 2022 · Romania

NLP Representational Sensory Systems

After a long preparation with E-Velp trainers and many online workshps' meetings with volunteer educator trainers and volunteer educators it was enough for launching this workshop which it was performed with amazing students from ROMANIA online on google meet by the support of HOPE FOR HUMANITY organization which helped alot in collecting the participants and bring us together at accurate time to perform a group workshop about an introduction of Neuro linguistic programing and representational sensory systems which targeted helping the students in manifesting their learning methods by knowing more about their visual-kinaesthetic-auditoery sesnsory skills and features and how it affects their learning and their communicational processes with the surrounding environment. The workshop started with some knowing each other games and short introductions about who we are and who are our host and supporting organizations which were handled by Mrs. Raluca and Mrs. Teodora and Baraa, then we had started our main topic presentation and it was followed with online multiple answers questioning game and online survey's that helps the student to know his sensory system prefference. The students were very interested and they showed big energy and clever answers in the discussions which made me feel very happy and worhy with my performed plan. thank you E-Velp and thank you H4H

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June 21, 2021 · Kullu, India

Successfully Build the website in the Great Himalyan Mountains

Backpacking with technology

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March 15, 2021 · Berlin, Germany

INTEGRA Buddy program at HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin

I was a Buddy for refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, that wanted to learn the German language and habits and get prepared for studying/ continue their studies at a German university.

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February 6, 2021 · Adlerskiy, Russia

Life in Russia

I have lived in Russia and meet interesting people, have a wonderful vlogging life and now am looking forward for new challenges. It's my first time here.

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September 12, 2020 · Skórka, Poland


I have won travel to Belgium in school competition.I have passed A-level exam of Maths better then Polish language.I have got the UR Rector’s schoolarship for the best students.I have finished Music school (violinpiano).

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August 22, 2020 · Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Hosting German students in my family

My first experience hosting students from a German university in Ouaga was amazing. The project took 5 years with groups of students spending 3 months enabling some 20 students to benefit from the experience as I hosted them in my family in Ouagadougou, the capital city.

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June 22, 2020 · Yerevan, Armenia


I am a counfounder of EduArmenia educators volunteering project.EduArmenia is a volunteering project initiated by a group of patriotic educators from Armenia and Artsakh. We strongly believe an advanced education system is key to our country’s development. The project’s aim is to create a working platform where experienced educators of Armenian diaspora can share their experience and knowledge with Armenian and Artsakh educators, thus allowing input to be given to their homeland’s development.The project’s slogan is “Use your knowledge and experience to develop our homeland”.The projector founders are M. Ed., education specialist Lilit Mkrtchyan and International Education management specialist Seda Kocharyan.

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February 18, 2020 · Berlin, Germany

Starting them young with waste reduction: Daniel's story

The effects of climate change are irreversible and children, under the age of 10, are most susceptible to the damages of environmental degradation. The responsibility to act, make a difference, and ensure a healthier environment falls on adults. Adults have, to an extent an awareness and capability to act for the benefit of the next generation. Change happens at multiple levels, and involving children in a cycle that greatly affects their opportunities in life is a responsibility that we should all take seriously. Even the smallest steps can have big consequences, especially in driving awareness. With focused efforts on getting adults involved in driving change for the environment, it is refreshing to hear stories about involving children in their own future.In Berlin, last October 2019, one such example of sharing time, effort, and skill to make positive impact is TeachSurfer Daniel who held a workshop hosted by Wir Gestalten e.V. on the topic of reducing waste. The workshop was especially adapted to children, 3-10 years of age. As an expert in the field of sustainable development, particularly in ecological sustainability, Daniel is motivated by a social commitment to create impact through enlightening people on what needs to change and a personal dedication to live with more awareness.In line with Global Cleanup Day, Daniel held a two-part workshop to raise awareness on waste management. The first was an interactive learning experience where the children were introduced to waste collection by physically picking-up rubbish on the streets and orienting them on the proper bins to use. Two weeks after, Daniel facilitated a more traditional-style workshop, where children learned various techniques in reducing waste, such as cutting on consumption through sharing or instead buying products that are made from renewable materials.Daniel’s insights on his experience were reflections on the nature of children themselves – that they are naturally curious. This made the workshop for him, an enjoyable experience because of their willingness to learn. However, it was not without difficulty because of the energy required to keep up with the children’s own. “The challenge is in keeping them focused and properly directing their energy through more interactive means,” Daniel said. Teaching for Daniel is also a chance to learn and develop – from improving on public speaking, building self-confidence, and practising empathy to be a more effective teacher. Through his workshop trainings with TeachSurfing, he further developed his skills in workshop facilitation, technical troubleshooting, creating presentations, and engaging audiences. Together with his professional experiences, the training program TSRP conducted by TeachSurfing gave him the added knowledge to confidently accomplish both more challenging and rewarding workshops. For Daniel, the workshop was very fulfilling – sharing what he is passionate about, feeling good to be doing his part in building a better society, and helping create better lives for children. “Society can learn a lot from children - to be more open-minded; it needs to change its structures, one from dictation to choice, from spoon-feeding to involvement.”

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December 5, 2019 · Berlin, Germany

Join a Festival, join a revolution

There is a transformative energy, sometimes unspoken but largely felt when we are about to enter into a new decade. A new decade means a welcome beginning, a vital change - and change is always invigorating. Just a few months before the calendars switch to year 2020, on 2nd November 2019, TeachSurfing, a global knowledge-sharing community, based in Berlin, launched a dynamic effort that marks the humble beginnings of a knowledge-sharing revolution – the TeachSurfing Festival. Set in the savvy bUm Berlin, the TeachSurfing Festival brought together a community of 180 people including 24 volunteers, 12 speakers, and 6 hosts to celebrate a shared passion for knowledge.As the clock strikes to 3, and the space was slowly filling - the energy of the festival was set. Smiling and eager faces of attendees full of drive and curiosity made the event a success from beginning to end. At every corner, the experience was invigorating – from the set-up, to the collaterals, the food, and the program, everything was effortlessly created to express the singular feeling of authenticity.Miganoush Magarian, co-founder and CEO sparked the beginning by opening the festival with a warm welcome and an enthusiastic introduction to the TeachSurfing community. An inspiring key-note speech by education maven, Ashoka Fellow, and special guest, Margret Rasfeld followed as she unveiled her motivations and her work towards radically transforming the system of education – one from teaching to learning.The heart of the festival were its workshops, especially chosen to be relevant and encompass a diverse range of interests. The workshops included: Turning a Summer Course Concept into Reality (Eszter Boros), The Ecological Footprint (Daniel Witt), Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Matt Buccelli), How to Do TeachSurfing in Tanzania (Erick Morro), Technology and Its Effects on Our Relationships (Nina del Marr), Become a TeachSurfer Crashcourse (Gretta Hohl), Yoga – Health, Strength, and Inner Freedom (Dr. Wiebke Mohme), and Introduction to Design/Innovation Thinking (Khaled Khudr).Each workshop was an interactive learning experience for both participants and TeachSurfers. Everyone came together in a single room with an openness to experience and knowledge-sharing, that made the workshops more than just a class, but an engaging dialogue. There is a feeling of familiarity but also a strong energy of diversity, not in the traditional sense, but of a merging of individual differences, ideas, and views that expressed the community’s inclusivity.This openness and enthusiasm made the TeachSurfers Panel – An Exchange of Ideas a great inspiration for those who were eager to begin their TeachSurfing journey. The Host Marketplace, became the perfect opportunity for Host Organisations to present the work that they do to an engaged community eager to create impact. To end the program, the festival would not be complete without TeachSurfing recognising the dedication of TeachSurfers through the TSRP Award Ceremony for their amazing work and for being a continued source of inspiration. Finally, the night introduced a live jazz-electro performance giving the festival a more casual mood.As the doors of the TeachSurfing Festival closed, a new one opens. Dramatic changes have been happening in the last decade, shifting the world we know to an innovation society. One of the main impacts of the TeachSurfing Festival is to be a source of inspiration and of connection. In a highly-globalised world, opportunities and access to knowledge has not yet been made equal. The awareness that the TeachSurfing Festival cultivates is a step towards igniting an emerging community’s passion in promoting global knowledge-sharing – and this community is exactly the fuel that will propel the movement forward into the new decade.

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August 22, 2019 · Potsdam, Germany

From TSRP training to delivering the first workshop - Sophie's story

Sophie participated at TeachSurfing ReferentenProgram (TSRP) training in Potsdam in May 2019.Two months later she gave her first workshop about Social Media Strategy. She felt now was her time to share her knowledge with the community and take part in the #knowledgesharingrevolution.TSRP training program - Become a successful workshop facilitator! TSRP includes online and group training as well as individual support during the whole program. Before the one-day group training, the participants prepare a workshop proposal regarding a topic they are interested in and they wish to give a workshop about. During the group training, the participants learn with a professional trainer the best workshop facilitation tools and tricks to successfully deliver a workshop and get people engaged. Sophie highly enjoyed the training program and during the group training, she especially got inspired by the other participants. The group was very diverse - all 11 participants had different experiences and aspirations but all wanted to improve their presentation skills for the common good, to have a social impact in other lives. For anyone thinking about a TSRP training program, Sophie highly recommends it: ”I would recommend it to anyone interested in giving a workshop and to learn how to successfully facilitate a workshop. It does not matter what is your topic – it can be anything that you are curious about! Participating at TSRP is a great chance also to meet amazing and like-minded people. Just give the training a try and see if it is for you!” From training to action - How to create a social media strategy and reach your target group? Sophie’s workshop took place in Social Impact Lab Potsdam were 15 participants, mostly entrepreneurs, were eager to learn how to create a social media strategy to catch the attention of their specific target group. For Sophie social media is a natural topic as she works with the topic and has over 6 years of experience as a social media freelancer. She felt she wanted to help entrepreneurs who could not afford expensive agencies to have access to social media strategy tips to boost their businesses. Sophie herself became interested in social media in 2011 when the social media revolution was starting to reshape the world. However, during that time there weren’t schools or courses regarding social media or social media strategies. The only way to learn about the topic and dive deeper was to learn it herself and exchange ideas and knowledge with other like-minded people. It was natural for her to choose to share her expertise about social media as she has been working in the area for a long time and it is a topic she is truly passionate about. After giving the first workshop, Sophie feels excited and satisfied. The Social Impact Lab community was inspiring and Sophie truly enjoyed organizing the workshop with the host organization. Now Sophie feels really motivated to continue her TeachSurfing journey and sharing her knowledge about social media to more people.You can also apply to our next TSRP training starting in September!Apply HERE before Monday 26th August.More information about TSRP training program: tsrp.teachsurfing.org

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