From active participant to workshop organizer

Posted by Tsz Him Hymns Chu, October 24 2023

At the age of 30, I made a pivotal decision to transition from being an active youth program participant and volunteer, longing to adapt to a new country, to becoming an organizer with the goal of sharing my ideas with other members of the migrant community. This profound change was inspired by my experience during a trip to Bucharest, Romania, in May 2023, where I served as a Volunteer Education Trainer and had the opportunity to interact with youth migrants from various parts of Europe. Throughout the trip, I gained a deeper appreciation for social values and learned effective strategies for building my personal brand. These experiences greatly boosted my confidence and enabled me to express my views regarding the available youth opportunities. As I delved into the lives of other young migrants, I couldn't ignore the multitude of challenges they faced, including financial struggles, social isolation, and varying degrees of freedom restrictions. Fueled by a desire to address these difficulties, I embarked on a mission to promote my own brand of activism, aimed at empowering fellow youths and helping them realize that they deserve to live in a nation where they can enjoy greater freedom and have fewer worries about being forced to return to their countries of origin due to visa issues.

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