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What is the TeachSurfing Academy?

TeachSurfing Academy is a research-based "Train the Trainer" toolset developed with Vilnius University and Heidelberg University of Education. Powered by EU Erasmus+ projects E-VELP and RAISE. Check out the tools: free online courses and live training, open training materials (OERs), and a knowledge matchmaking platform.

Unlimited and free access to university accredited, online courses.

Learn how to share your knowledge with a quality workshop or how to support others to create their workshops with university certified online courses and training programs sponsored by Erasmus+

A knowledge matchmaking community

In teachsurfing.org you can find and connect with communities in need of your expertise and offer them your knowledge.

Free, quality Open Educational Resources

Gain access to quality teaching material which you can use or adopt for your own workshops. You can also contribute to the library by creating and sharing your Educational Resources.

Free online courses

Become a Volunteer Educator or Volunteer Educator Trainer.

Hosted by e-VELP

Impactful Workshop Planning - Tips and Tricks

A step-by-step guide from identifying your valuable knowledge to creating and delivering impactful workshops to communities in need of your expertise.

Start anytime 15 hours

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Hosted by e-VELP

Volunteer Educator

Are you young and eager to develop your personal strengths to share your knowledge and culture with multicultural communities?

Start anytime 73 hours, 2.5 ECTS

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Hosted by e-VELP

Volunteer Educator Trainer

Are you interested in gaining practical experience on how to support motivated youth in their journey to create and implement workshops?

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What is e-VELP?

The Youth Volunteer Educators Program (e-VELP) is an Erasmus+ European project led by TeachSurfing, which enables young people with diverse cultural backgrounds with the support of e-VELP educated trainers to offer high quality workshops and share their knowledge, skills, and culture with diverse communities through host organisations.

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Trainings & Events

Training programs and events around knowledge-sharing.

Sponsored by EU Erasmus+ RAISE

Live Training for e-Learning in Palermo

Learn how to create brain-stimulating online courses and discover a new AI tool for a personalized learning experience. We will guide you through a proven online didactical method and show you how to structure and create engaging online learning programs. Additionally you will discover AI tools for education and get hands-on experience with the AI-based Custom Learning Plan generator tool, ready to be integrated into your online learning environment.

Feb 2024, Italy

Participation fee is covered by EU Erasmus+



If you want to benefit from our training and can’t join the sponsored sessions, then this is your chance to meet our trainers, exchange with likeminded people and grow as a trainer yourself!

Monthly, in a virtual conference room

Price 160 € p.P. for 4 hours

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Sponsored by EU Erasmus+ RAISE

Volunteer Educator Training Online

Are you a young refugee or migrant who wants to share your knowledge and culture with local communities? In this training, we offer you an online course and a personal mentor to help you create and deliver your workshop.

Spring 2023 - Dec 2023, Online

Participation free is sponsored by EU Erasmus+

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OERs for TeachSurfers

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are free teaching materials in a format like workshops or seminars everyone can use to transfer knowledge.

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Are you an individual passionate about sharing your knowledge? Or are you perhaps a member of an organisation with learning needs and interest?

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Do you need assistance to set up your workshop? Or do you want to partner with us in the knowledge-sharing revolution? Contact us at evelp@teachsurfing.de.

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