Teachurfing starting EU funded project - Youth Volunteer Educators e-learning Program (e-VELP)


e-VELP’s primary aim is to enable young migrants/refugees to create and offer free workshops that tap into their talents to share their knowledge and culture. The program will work to ease their integration into their new environment and open more opportunities for finding work. Building an active community of motivated young migrant/refugee volunteer educators (VEs) and youth volunteer educator trainers (VE-Trainers) is an essential part of the growth foreseen for the e-VELP project.

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Armenia Connect - an Automated Matching System for Repat Armenians


TeachSurfing’s Armenia Connect project aims to fill this knowledge gap by offering an automated matching solution where Armenians who want to repatriate to Armenia can fill in information about their skills and interests and then be automatically matched with job, educational, volunteering, and networking opportunities in Armenia.

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