The Real Power of Knowledge Sharing: How Education Becomes the Most Powerful Weapon to Change the World


For the 3rd Knowledge Sharing Festival we invited Manuel Dolderer, founder of the CODE University to share his thoughts on teaching and learning and why we should always consider how the learning experiences we design shape the learners' mindset in a profound way. This is a summary of the message Manuel shared with the festival community.

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Crafting Your Knowledge-Sharing Success Story: A Guide to Inspire and Empower


This blog provides tips on how to write and publish your knowledge-sharing story on the TeachSurfing platform.

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About the Knowledge Sharing Festival 2023 - Sharing not just knowledge but values as well


One of the best things about the festival was the opportunity to network with people from different backgrounds. Our international community had a pleasant time and we had fun getting to know each other. It was inspiring to listen to the speeches and rationalise what can be done differently and how we can be empathetic towards others. I myself left the festival feeling energised and excited about the possibilities for building a more inclusive and connected world with TeachSurfing and we are happy to be able to offer an e-learning platform for everyone willing to participate in the E-VELP course. Overall, the Third Knowledge Sharing Festival was incredible. I highly recommend attending this festival to anyone who is interested in different cultures and communities, and who wants to be part of a movement towards greater understanding and connection with the help of education and passing on knowledge!

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A journey of a Volunteer Educator: from war-torn Ukraine to empowering others in Germany.


Embark on Zainab's incredible journey from war-torn Ukraine to becoming a Volunteer Educator, empowering lives in Germany. Discover her inspiring tale of resilience, education, and the transformative impact of sharing knowledge. Join us as we explore a remarkable story of triumph over challenges and the enduring spirit of making a difference.

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Making Your Workshop a Success


Have you ever wondered how you could spice up your workshop and make a long-lasting impact while presenting? If the answer is yes, then bear with us! I will demonstrate how you can improve your presentation skills by focusing on eloquence, visuals, and timing. Author: Anna Eva Auguszt

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