Making Your Workshop a Success


Have you ever wondered how you could spice up your workshop and make a long-lasting impact while presenting? If the answer is yes, then bear with us! I will demonstrate how you can improve your presentation skills by focusing on eloquence, visuals, and timing. Author: Anna Eva Auguszt

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Community connections: joining in a shared purpose, collaboration and tools for vibrant communities


Communities - they're everywhere, aren't they? From the group of friends you meet for Sunday brunch at your favourite café, to the creative minds you brainstorm with at that co-working space – we're all woven into the fabric of different communities. But what is the true meaning of a community and why do they hold such an important place in our lives?

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TeachSurfing Knowledge Sharing Festival 2: celebrating the knowledge-sharing revolution


The much-anticipated return of the TeachSurfing knowledge-sharing festival took place at the Profund Innovation Startup Villa in Berlin. The festival was supported by EU Erasmus+ and the Freie Universität, allowing an enjoyable opportunity for the TeachSurfing community to gather once again in person. After a break of two years since the last festival in Kreuzberg, there seemed to be no trace of time passing–creating an energy that was a refreshing mix of both celebratory and intimate.

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Put the spotlight on your workshop


Imagine you’ve been preparing for your workshop and everything seems all set – except one: who will benefit from all that knowledge you’re about to share? Promoting your workshop online can be fun and exciting if you immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy the process.

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RAISE: Young Refugee AI Student Empowerment Program


Young Refugee AI Student Empowerment Program - Following the successful implementation of the Youth Volunteer Educators e-Learning Program (e-VELP)

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