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Challenging Growth

Your network attracts a great number of people. Hence the larger the community grows, the harder it is to organize and connect the members. The lack of the right infrastructure results in confusion, long communication paths, and data chaos.

Our Solution

Create synergies and encourage the exchange of information or services through matching. Our automated matching technology connects members based on individual skills, common goals, and interests and paves the way for successful collaborations.

How it works

goodMatch is scalable and individually configurable. Book your modular system with individual matching options and monetizable features.

Systematic overview of skills, expertise and needs

Network members can register person and/or as an organization, providing information such as offers and needs for skills/expertise/collaboration.

Matching using smart and customizable algorithms

The profiles of network members are linked based on criteria defined by you. goodMatch recommends cooperation partners, consultants, funders or coaches with the right skillset.

Presentation, evaluation and visibility of the network

Network activities can be found, evaluated, and displayed according to various criteria such as projects, expertise, or cooperation topics.

Bring more value to your network

Additionally, the platform offers an integrated Online Learning Management System and a Knowledge Library with monetization features. These systems can be ordered as a standalone product.

Knowledge Library

Publish and manage material such as books, articles, publications which can be recommended to members based on their areas of interests. Place content advertisement as a new source for monetization.

Knowledge-library example add-on for mhhub.org

Learning Management System

Create, publish and manage free or paid online courses. Create and manage forums and events to support your learners in an interactive way.

eVELP online courses add-on forteachsurfing.org

goodMatch offers

In addition to the core features, goodMatch offers the following functionalities, which enable you to create your very own, unique digital matching space:

Platform configuration & branding

Branding colours, illustrations, logos, fonts and the landing page are customizable. Additionally, the platform terminology, language, functionality, SEO terms and analytics are fully configurable.

System setup on dedicated servers

The application and database is set up in a dedicated and isolated infrastructure to ensure high security and full ownership of your data by your organisation.

Content Management interface

Unlimited static pages can be created in an easy drag-and-drop interface. A blogging system is included.

Customizable matching algorithm

Define matching criteria and scoring and let the matching algorithm link and recommend your network members. You can also handpick matching offers for specific members.

Individual feature development

The platform can be extended with new features to cover your unique requirements or to be integrated with your existing systems.

Rights management

The platform is GDPR (DSGVO) compatible. Users have full access and rights to their data.

With us you reach

Let the technology solve your matching challenges and link your community while you focus your resources on scaling and your core business.

Automated cooperation management

Leverage cooperation among your members by using automated and customisable matching algorithms and creating content based synergies among members.

New monetization options

Add new monetization services and features such as online courses, product placement, and membership fees.

Efficient & scalable network management

With automated matching you will reduce your manual and repetitive work and scale your impact.

Selected clients of goodMatch

  • stattkapital.eu
  • Matching 200 micro entrepreneurs with mentors in Germany

  • 20+ online courses

Menstrual Health Hub
  • mhhub.org
  • Matching 908 Women Health organisations & 520 individuals from 131 countries.

  • 3000 categorised resources in the field of women health

TeachSurfing gUG
  • teachsurfing.org
  • Matching 3426 individuals & 275 educational organisations from 136 countries.

  • 2 online courses

We have experience not only in building software products, but also in community development and educational programs. We are users of our own product. Since 2015 we have managed the teachsurfing.org community and developed educational programs for them.

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