Dj/Musical trainer for migrants and youths

Posted by Andrea Buchetti, October 1 2022

Another exiting experience of training I've been in involved in for some months was the "Djing workshop" managed by the social association "Odissea" in Lucca.

The workshop was aimed at unaccompanied minor migrants mostly from sub-Saharan Africa housed in the Odyssey Cooperative's reception facility. In addition to them, other local youth and people with disabilities also participated in the course.

The goal of the workshop was to attempt horizontal socialization among different categories of youth subjects through the sharing of knowledge and musical techniques related to the art of DJing. 

The workshop, which lasted about 3 months, turned out to be a success and culminated in a final event in which all participants made a colorful audience that had come there for the occasion dance. 

The methodology of the workshop was primarily based on mutual sharing of musical tastes and knowledge, this was the central tool that fostered socialization and mutual intimate knowledge among all participants who immediately blended into a compact and friendly group. Secondly, the focus was on the techniques of mixing music, through the instrumentation made available by yours truly as the course leader and teacher.

In a context of social isolation in the area, the workshop was a particularly valuable moment for the boys because it put them in a position to be able to share with the outside world a part of their intimate background through music. What passed through the workshop period was thus not the simple song offered to the rest of the group but a framework of personal and collective stories, memories and affections evoked by the individual song. This allowed the cementing of a deep and lasting relationship between the participants and myself, breaking the monotony of the daily conditions of humanitarian reception in Italy.

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