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Friday, 17 Nov. from 3 pm

Shaping the future of learning and education for quality and accessability.

We, the TeachSurfing team would like to invite you to the 3rd Knowledge Sharing Festival packed with empowering workshops, creativity, innovation, food, drinks, music and a community of international people, passionate about knowledge-sharing.

Social Impact Lab, Pastorenstraße 16-18, 20459 Hamburg

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Manuel Dolderer

Keynote Speaker

Manuel Dolderer is a two-time university founder as well as an international keynote speaker, author and consultant on all aspects of the future of education and the university of the future. Read more...

Jamila Tressel

Keynote Speaker

Jamila Tressel is a young entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and coach, empowering people to unfold their potential and make a change. She is campaigning for a drastic change in education and a sustainable transformation for our society. Read more...

Miganoush Magarian

Panelist on Education

CEO and Co-Founder of TeachSurfing. Miganoush is originally from Armenia. She studied software engineering and is living and working in Germany. When visiting back home, she wanted to share her professional knowledge to inspire youth in her home countries. Read more...

Lina Yassin

Panelist on Education

I have started my career in acting then moved to do my PhD in Neuroscience, researching Neuroplasticity. I have lived , taught, researched and worked in Palestine/Israel, Germany, USA, Egypt and Norway. Read more...

Manan Mkhitaryan

Panelist on Education

I've been a Project Coordinator at a non-profit since 2017. With a Bachelor's in Linguistics and training from Oxford University on International Labour Migration, I'm passionate about humanitarian work. After COVID-19 hit Armenia, I organized support for isolated elderly individuals, sparking my dedication to helping others. Read more...

Taiwo Kayode Fagbemigun

Panelist on Education

Team Lead at the Horizon Resource Network e.V. empowering migrants through capacity building, networking and social integration. Providing leadership in project ideation, grant writing, project planning and implementation. Read more...

workshop hosts

Tabea Sternberg

Workshop host

Tabea Sternberg ist Kommunikationsstrategin, Filmproduzentin und Campaignerin. Sie unterstützt Nonprofit-Organisationen im Bereich Fundraising, PR und Agenda-Setting durch Entwicklung von Narrativen und filmische Kampagnen, read more...

Zainab Ilo

Workshop host

Zainab Ilo is a dynamic and innovative individual with a passion for personal and professional growth. Hailing from the vibrant Western part of Nigeria and born in Lagos, she is a graduate currently pursuing her master's degree in International Management at Wismar University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Read more...

Petra Farm

Workshop host

A real tech nerd with a Ph.D. in Electronic System Design and many many years of experience from various tech roles in different industries. For example, software architect in the automotive industry, product owner for a number of linux platforms in telecom and CTO at ridecake, to name a few. Read more...

Nicklas Valentin Damgaard

Workshop host

Nicklas and his partner Ankit started InvestPats in 2023 to help international employees, living in Germany, create financial wealth to achieve their dreams. Both are international employees today and are working in Germany. Read more...

Nadja Weise

Workshop host

Ich bin Life Coach und Hypnosetherapeut für tiefgreifende Transformation, Versöhnung und Selbstvertrauen und auch Tanzmentorin für innere und äußere Präsenz. Read more...

Daria Frych-Alchina

Workshop host

I am from Ukraine, the city in the south - Mykolaiv. I am a co-founder and coordinator of educational programs in MyART platform (https://www.facebook.com/myartweek). It is a cultural platform where we organize art and educational events for citizens. Read more...

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