About Us

TeachSurfing is a nonprofit social enterprise (gemeinnützige UG) founded in August 2015 in Berlin Germany by Software Developers.
The social Mission of TeachSurfing is to enable people to share their knowledge, to create meaningfull connections and explore the diversity of cultures. TeachSurfing provides you, as an individual person or your organisation with quality solutions to support and reach this social mission together.

TeachSurfing Solutions

For individuals
The TeachSurfing Academy is a research-based learning toolset that helps you to become a good trainer. It provides you with learning material, guided online courses and handson exercises that improve your skills on facilitating your own workshops.

For network organisations
The TeachSurfing Software Solutions provide organizations with a customisable matching platform called goodMatch. The goodMatch solution is available as SAAS and On Premise and it is specialized on knowledge exchange. GoodMatch helps organizations to facilitate, manage and boost exchange within their members.

For individuals and civil society organizations
The TeachSurfing Community is running on top of the goodMatch software. It is a global knowledge sharing platform that facilitates the free exchange of skills. Here you can offer and request knowledge, exchange with community members and organize workshops and coachings. As a community member you agree to respectful conduct with the terms of use.

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals SDG's

TeachSurfing creates and shares solutions that enrich education and to bridge cultural gaps through knowledge, experience sharing and community building. Our work is mostly contributing to the following SDG's:


Please reach out to TeachSurfing team at info[at]teachsurfing.org


Miganoush Magarian - CEO | Co-Founder | Software Developer
Gretta Hohl - CEO | Co-Founder | Software Developer
Tom Müller - Software Developer
Markus Müller - Software Developer
Wolf Dobenecker - UI/UX Design
Sophie Bruhn - Project Manager
Leanna Siron - PR | Communication
Katerina Bilitsi - Internship PR | Communication
Tabea Sternberg - Trainer

Dr. Nicole Flindt - Advisory Board Member, e-Learning and Pedagogic Expert
Dr. Matthias Steinbrecher - Advisory Board Member, Datascience | Software Development Expert
Cherian Mathew - Advisory Board Member, Software Development Expert
Marco Weber - Advisory Board Member, Business Development Expert
Matthew Buccelli - Advisory Board Member, Marketing Expert

The story behind TeachSurfing

The lack of cultural tolerance and access to knowledge are raising challenges in societies worldwide.
TeachSurfing founders Migan & Gretta are originally from Armenia & Romania. They both studied software engineering and are living & working in Germany. When visiting back home, they wanted to share their professional knowledge to inspire youth in their home countries. But there was a lack of a direct and flexible way to contact with schools and NGOs who are interested to learn from their expertise. During One Young World 2012 summit, Migan & Gretta met many like-minded people from all around the world and were inspired to build a world-wide network of passionate people who want to share knowledge and experiences. Today this solution is incorporated in The TeachSurfing Community. With the growth of the community new challanges showed up, that made the team create the TeachSurfing Academy and the TeachSurfing Software Solutions.

We like to thank our former TeachSurfing Team members, mentors and supporter

Maik Prasch, Khaled Khudr, Brett Myers, Malte Steinhoff, Anne Bastian, Natalie Magee, Nina Bruun, Jose Antonio Pio, Beata Pyszniak, Ani Bagdasaryan, Julia Jurisch, Luise Bergmann, Christoph Viebig, Irena Kpogbezan, Jasmin Fayad, Jennifer Geschwindt, Jonathan Bräuer, Bernd Rolinck, Bernd Steinmeyer, Norbert Kunz, Cafer Tosun, Jürgen Müller, Marcus Krug, Massimiliano Marcon, Mauro Rego, Mohammed Abujarour, Tilman Eckert, Thomas Otto, David Dorbin, Silla Aaltonen, Stela Lalova, Mariam Sargsyan
3748 TeachSurfers
282 Host organizations
82 Success stories
141 Countries