Self-Empowerment - Workshop

Posted by Zainab Ilo, November 27 2023

I had the honor of conducting a workshop at the Teachsurfing Knowledge Sharing Festival, presenting on 'Self-Empowerment: Navigating Change and Building Resilience'. I offered insights on navigating life's challenges through change. It was a privilege to engage participants in discussions and activities, fostering an environment where they could share their experiences. Together, we explored the impact of both positive and negative changes, discovering ways to learn from these experiences while maintaining inner strength. 


The workshop's objective was to facilitate discussions and activities that prompted participants to reflect on their personal values and beliefs, aligning them with their goals and aspirations. The ultimate goal was to empower participants to manage change effectively, enhance emotional well-being, and cultivate a resilient mindset that propels personal growth and achievement.


The event was extraordinarily successful in gathering participants from various locations and countries throughout Germany, whose different points of view enriched our discussions. The overwhelmingly positive feedback about the workshop thrilled me. Engaging participants in various activities during the session enabled them to grasp the concepts more effectively. One feedback that particularly resonated was participants expressing how they found the precise information they needed. I believe that this workshop session empowered them further, reinforcing their self-empowerment and aiding participants in navigating life's journey with confidence and success.

Additionally, the Teach Surfing platform has been instrumental in expanding my knowledge on skill identification and development. It has provided valuable insights into leveraging these skills effectively. Also, it has equipped me with the ability to foster positive networking, understand diverse cultures, and share knowledge with others.




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