My Story!

Posted by Qassem Alhomayyer, September 20 2022

Hello there, I am Qassem Alhomayyer. Last year, I had the chance to get to know e-VELP, where I started the volunteer educator training.

I was already at that time a trainer, but I have never created my own workshop. Whilst doing my training I’ve learned a lot about group dynamics, non-formal education and more. At the end of the training, I finished making my own concept for my first workshop. 

My workshop addresses men with migration backgrounds in Germany and adresses topics like Masculinity, discrimination and racism. I had the opportunity to offer my workshop within my work as a trainer. 

In the workshop were men with migration background. In the beginning we got to know each other. Then we talked about masculinity, about which images are spread in society about the "real man" and where such images come from. 

After that, we discussed about the different roles that people have in different situations and what expectations are attached to the specific roles. 

In the last step, we exchanged ideas about the topic of racism. Many participants shared their personal stories and experiences. 

I was very happy that there was a very comfortable atmosphere in the workshop. I was also very touched by the fact that the participants empowered each other when they shared their experiences with racism. 

That was my experience with implementing my own workshop. I currently feel empowered to offer even more workshops, exchange with people and share my knowledge with others.

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