Live Training for e-Learning in Palermo

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Monday, 19 Feb. - Wednesday, 21 Feb. 2024


Learn how to create brain-stimulating online courses and discover a new AI tool for a personalized learning experience.

Over three full training days, 15 international participants will gain insights into the latest, scientifically proven methods for creating successful online courses. This includes pedagogical and content development approaches as well as aspects of data-based personalization and artificial intelligence. The training is held in English.

We will guide you through a research-based online didactic method (Flindt 2020) and show you how to structure and create engaging online learning programs.
You will also discover AI tools for education and get hands-on experience with the AI-based Custom Learning Plan Generator (Flindt, Rohde 2023), ready to be integrated into your online learning environment.

The specific methods and tools were developed as part of the EU-funded educational projects for young migrants and refugees "e-VELP" and "RAISE" in cooperation with the Heidelberg University of Education and Vilnius University, among others. The focus of the live training is therefore particularly on the application in educational projects for young people and newcomers.

We invite members of educational organizations for youth and/or young migrants and refugees who are interested in innovative educational approaches to make a difference for this young target group.

Are you interested and does the training fit in with your educational projects? Please apply using the link below!

Hosted by European Centre of Studies and Initiatives (CESIE) in Palermo

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Miganoush Magarian

Developer of the AI tool for personalized learning experience

CEO and Co-Founder of TeachSurfing. Miganoush is originally from Armenia. She studied software engineering and is living and working in Germany. When visiting back home, she wanted to share her professional knowledge to inspire youth in her home countries. Read more...

Nele Rohde

Researcher, developer and Project Manager in the RAISE project (EU funded)

Nele Rohde studied educational science at the University of Education Heidelberg/Germany. Since 06/2023, she has been officially a doctoral candidate at the University of Education Heidelberg/Faculty of Educational Science Research areas:

  • E-Learning for migrants and refugees
  • Artificial Intelligence for Education

Dr. Nicole Flindt

Head of the Graduate School and Managing Director of the Research Department at Heidelberg University of Education/Germany

Her research area is connected to Neurodidactics, Online Education, AI for education, Higher Education Research and Digital Resilience. She studied law and education at the Universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim and did her thesis on e-learning in cooperation with the software company SAS Germany. Read more...



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