From TSRP training to delivering the first workshop - Sophie's story

Posted by Silla Aaltonen, August 22 2019

Sophie participated at TeachSurfing ReferentenProgram (TSRP) training in Potsdam in May 2019. Two months later she gave her first workshop about Social Media Strategy. She felt now was her time to share her knowledge with the community and take part in the #knowledgesharingrevolution.

TSRP training program - Become a successful workshop facilitator!

TSRP includes online and group training as well as individual support during the whole program. Before the one-day group training, the participants prepare a workshop proposal regarding a topic they are interested in and they wish to give a workshop about. During the group training, the participants learn with a professional trainer the best workshop facilitation tools and tricks to successfully deliver a workshop and get people engaged.

Sophie highly enjoyed the training program and during the group training, she especially got inspired by the other participants. The group was very diverse - all 11 participants had different experiences and aspirations but all wanted to improve their presentation skills for the common good, to have a social impact in other lives.

For anyone thinking about a TSRP training program, Sophie highly recommends it:

                                    ”I would recommend it to anyone interested in giving a 

                              workshop and to learn how to successfully facilitate a workshop. 

                 It does not matter what is your topic – it can be anything that you are curious about! 

               Participating at TSRP is a great chance also to meet amazing and like-minded people. 

                                           Just give the training a try and see if it is for you!”

From training to action - How to create a social media strategy and reach your target group?

Sophie’s workshop took place in Social Impact Lab Potsdam were 15 participants, mostly entrepreneurs, were eager to learn how to create a social media strategy to catch the attention of their specific target group. For Sophie social media is a natural topic as she works with the topic and has over 6 years of experience as a social media freelancer. She felt she wanted to help entrepreneurs who could not afford expensive agencies to have access to social media strategy tips to boost their businesses.

Sophie herself became interested in social media in 2011 when the social media revolution was starting to reshape the world. However, during that time there weren’t schools or courses regarding social media or social media strategies. The only way to learn about the topic and dive deeper was to learn it herself and exchange ideas and knowledge with other like-minded people. It was natural for her to choose to share her expertise about social media as she has been working in the area for a long time and it is a topic she is truly passionate about.

After giving the first workshop, Sophie feels excited and satisfied. The Social Impact Lab community was inspiring and Sophie truly enjoyed organizing the workshop with the host organization. Now Sophie feels really motivated to continue her TeachSurfing journey and sharing her knowledge about social media to more people.

You can also apply to our next TSRP training starting in September! 

Apply HERE before Monday 26th August. 

More information about TSRP training program: tsrp.teachsurfing.org

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