Career Development (Online Workshop for Educators) – how to use digital learning tools in the lessons

Posted by Sabina Mammadova, July 3 2022

I organized online workshops for teachers from Barda, Azerbaijan, which were damaged by the war. After this time my school (European Azerbaijan School) made a project named "Seeds of Light". I have organized my trainings within the project. My workshops were about opportunities of using digital learning tools in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry lessons, new techniques, and methods in teaching. Teachers also learned how they can implement these tools to the assessment. As a digital tool, they met with Nearpod, Padlet, TedED, Google Slides, Piktochart, jeopardy LAB, CK 12, etc.

Participants were from another region, therefore, they joined online training. Feedback was positive about the workshops. Indeed, I had workshops for teachers and students. Students were more than teachers. 3 Science teachers regularly joined workshops. Maybe it does not seem like a lot, but it is a good result for me because we can not find a lot of people from rural areas who know the English language, they were enthusiastic. Students were approximately 10 in trainings, they were from the same area as the teachers.

One of the teachers told that I appreciate your effort, and by sharing your knowledge in this way, you shared useful information for us, and I will definitely implement these digital learning tools in my lessons.

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