NLP Representational Sensory Systems

Posted by Baraa KOULI, February 19 2022

After a long preparation with E-Velp trainers and many online workshps' meetings with volunteer educator trainers and volunteer educators it was enough for launching this workshop which it was performed with amazing students from ROMANIA online on google meet by the support of HOPE FOR HUMANITY organization which helped alot in collecting the participants and bring us together at accurate time to perform a group workshop about an introduction of Neuro linguistic programing and representational sensory systems which targeted helping the students in manifesting their learning methods by knowing more about their visual-kinaesthetic-auditoery sesnsory skills and features and how it affects their learning and their communicational processes with the surrounding environment. The workshop started with some knowing each other games and short introductions about who we are and who are our host and supporting organizations which were handled by Mrs. Raluca and Mrs. Teodora and Baraa, then we had started our main topic presentation and it was followed with online multiple answers questioning game and online survey's that helps the student to know his sensory system prefference. The students were very interested and they showed big energy and clever answers in the discussions which made me feel very happy and worhy with my performed plan. thank you E-Velp and thank you H4H

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