Lift Them UP Foundation (LITU) is a non-profit organization started on 2020 but formally registered on May 2021 with registration No 00NGO/R/1882. Lift Them Up foundation works in helping highly vulnerable children and orphans to acquire quality education, social and physical requirements. We also empower youth and women through life skills like sewing skills and trainings on entrepreneurship as well as vegetable cultivation in order to increase their income. Primary goals of the organization are as follows; 1) Education sponsorship program We have a day care and nursery center for vulnerable and orphans children aged 2-6 years aims on provision of early childhood education in order to prepare them for formal primary education. After graduating on our day care and nursery center the children are sponsored to go to English Medium primary schools to proceed with formal primary school. This project aims at helping children until they become fulfilled and independent youth. The future plan for this program is to build our Primary school in order to help children to acquire education from kindergarten to primary within our facility. Volunteer responsibilities on education sponsorship program (children of 2-6 years) • To teach English, math and other subjects in collaboration with school teacher • To organize games and arts for children. • Share your love and care with children. • Share your culture and empower children. • Provide support for extracurricular activities. • Working hand on hand with foundation CEO to find sponsors for children education in order to enable them to get quality education when they reach primary education • Evaluating children performance and provide ways to upgrade their academic performance • Creating fundraising page for children needs. 2) Healthcare project The main purpose of the project is to provide health care to the children; we focus on helping children to acquire health insurance in order to cut the expenses of treatment. We also provide health seminars to community members in order to increase protection rather than cure/treat. This project also focuses on provision of physical requirements to children and environment cleanliness around the surroundings of the Kikatiti community in order to reduce diseases that occur due to dirty environment. The future plans for this project is to build medical center/dispensary for the surrounding community in order to reduce walking and traveling distance of 11km to get to medical services. • As a volunteer in Healthcare project placements are provided in medical clinics, dispensaries and government hospitals. This is suited for those Volunteers looking for international hands on experience and overseas medical work exposure. • As a volunteer on healthcare project you will work with foundation CEO on creation of various health interventions in order to improve children health and community members as well 3) Vegetable cultivation project; This project is for youth and women. The main purpose for the project is to empower youth and women with life skills; the vegetable garden helps to produce vegetables for center use and other vegetables to sell in order to cut administration costs for the project. Volunteer responsibilities for vegetable cultivation project • To help youth and women on better agricultural methods and skills in order to acquire quantity with quality products. • Working together with CEO to find market for vegetables. • Collaborating with youth and women on preparation of vegetables, planting seeds on the ground and watering the garden. • Raising funds on vegetable cultivation project. 4) Vocational skills project The purpose for this project is to provide life skills for vulnerable youth in order to reduce peer pressure groups within the community and to enable youth to become independent for having at least one life skills to earn money. For now we have implemented sewing and tailoring skills but plans for the future are to provide disadvantageous youth with other skills such as welding, painting, cultural designs and engaging them with sports clubs of volleyball and football. Volunteer responsibilities on Vocational Project • As a volunteer you will help youth to find market for the products like handbags, clothing and laptop bags they manage to produce. • Volunteers will help youth with their cultural designs in order to reach international markets • Volunteers will help youth with creation of posters on various clothing designs. • Volunteers will collaborate with foundation CEO to raise fund for sewing classes in order to increase sewing machines and sewing materials needed to manufacture the products. TARGETED GROUPS. All male and female volunteers aged 18 years and above are welcome to volunteer in our foundation.Volunteers under 18 years are welcoming but accompanied by a parent/guardian.


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