The ReDI School of Digital Integration was founded in February 2016 with the aim to facilitate integration into society for refugees as well as their access to the labor market. Today, ReDI offers free courses in digital skills to IT-savvy "newcomers" and locals having no access to digital education or to a professional network. The school is currently based in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Malmö. Our latest Cyberspace program was born out of urgency: During the COVID-19 lockdowns, ReDI School continued all its courses online in real-time classrooms. We gained a lot of experience organizing engaging online learning formats: across our programs 70 - 80 % of learners completed the course, compared to 3 - 6 % completion rates for other virtual learning formats, such as MOOCs. We saw a sharp increase in the number of students applying to ReDI coming from all around Germany - even from all around the world. We have therefore decided that the next ReDI School “location” will be in cyberspace. We aim to develop ReDI in Cyberspace in to a global digital education platform enabling the tech community to empower people that face barriers & borders - independent of their location. We believe everyone should have access to reachable and affordable digital education.ReDI does not aim to be the best tech school in the world - we want to be the best tech school for the world!


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