Teaching needs


Eco Fashion Design & Product Manager

The ability to optimise material selection based on environmental impact, in addition to cost and performance, is crucial to us. Recovery material flows (i.e. materials that are someone else’s waste but can be our input) inspire our designers and product development managers. For us, the life cycle of the product and the availability of more sustainable materials are the basis of the design. We are looking for jewelry designers that design for disassembly, reconfiguration, and flexibility to provide the user a greater choice and to extend the lifespan of the product.


Start-up marketing

At Shofrica, we believe that that you can harness the power of markets, and not just philanthropy, to sustainably lead to positive social change. We need people who nurture hybrids of culture, politics and social impact at the intersection of products and communication. This includes creating tailor-made brand campaigns in the form of an experience, compelling brand story or pioneering brand activism.


Impact Investment

As a social business, we are looking for venture funds and growth support to help us scale our impact in the communities where our jewelry is manufactured. We are also looking for support in developing our purpose-driven innovations that seek to improve traceability for all our products and materials from mine to market.

IT law expert

As a data-driven business, Europe’s new data privacy and security laws (GDPR) imposes strict requirements and obligations particularly for us. We need an IT Law expert to help us understand what we need to comply and how to implement the appropriate technical and organisational measures.

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