Welcome! TeachSurfing is a nonprofit social enterprise (gemeinnützige UG) founded in August 2015 in Berlin Germany by Software Developers. The social Mission of TeachSurfing is to enable people to share their knowledge, to create meaningfull connections and explore the diversity of cultures. TeachSurfing provides you, as an individual person or your organisation with quality solutions to support and reach this social mission together. TeachSurfing Solutions For individuals The TeachSurfing Academy is a research-based learning toolset that helps you to become a good trainer. It provides you with learning material, guided online courses and handson exercises that improve your skills on facilitating your own workshops. For network organisations The TeachSurfing Software Solutions provide organizations with a customisable matching platform called goodMatch. The goodMatch solution is available as SAAS and On Premise and it is specialized on knowledge exchange. GoodMatch helps organizations to facilitate, manage and boost exchange within their members. For individuals and civil society organizations The TeachSurfing Community is running on top of the goodMatch software. It is a global knowledge sharing platform that facilitates the free exchange of skills. Here you can offer and request knowledge, exchange with community members and organize workshops and coachings.


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